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Onshore Title Plants and
Title Plant Services Since 1998

Kimmel Corp is a full service title plant company, offering back plant development, new title plant builds, go-forward posting services, title plant software, scanning, hosting, and plant publishing services.

Our services have been designed from a title perspective, resulting in a company uniquely suited to provide modern, comprehensive services. We are currently posting 68 counties for 37 title companies throughout the United States, helping our clients:

  • Reduce employee costs
  • Attain high quality, standardized ultra consistent posting
  • Increase the asset value of their plant
  • Leverage our industry-leading services and software platform to increase market share.

All of our work is completed in-house in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho (the same place we began in 1998). None of our plant building is outsourced, none of it occurs overseas. Our quality controls and accuracy rates are at the top of the industry, and all of our plant builds to date have passed state insurance and underwriter inspections upon first review.