Network Connections

Security Built In

Server Technology:
EMC Storage Systems
File system storage is implemented on an EMC storage system. The design incorporates clusters of Java J2EE application servers positioned behind traffic load balancers. Application server node interact with relational databases, file systems, escrow systems, and other sources of data.
Communications Security:
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption
All communications between the client application and the server cluster are encrypted via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) using signed certificates. Transport layer security implemented with SSL ensures the data transmitted across the Internet is encrypted and secure.
Client Application:
Java Web Start Technology
The client application is delivered via Java Web Start technology. In a Microsoft Windows environment, a Windows executable is provided that initiates the Web Start loading process, making the function of the program indistinguishable from any other Windows application. All functions of the client are incorporated into a single deliverable, which means no workstation software dependency issues. Software versioning is handled transparently, client updates occur automatically, and the client application will function on any operating system with Java Runtime Environment 6 installed.

Title Plant Hosting

Some call it hosting, others call it "the cloud." Whatever the name, more businesses are switching to an online solution for their storage and network needs.

With decades of development and infrastructure now in place, we are now at a time when the Internet rivals in-house network systems; both in terms of reliability and capability. This is why we are seeing more and more companies using the internet as their wide area network. What's more, the internet offers several additional advantages over local networking:

Kimmel Corp has partnered with Data Services Inc. and Title Information Associates to offer the best-in-class cloud storage and retrieval systems. Together, we function as your database technology team, taking care of your plant so you can concentrate on your clients and your business.