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  • We can perform a complete on-site courthouse evaluation of any counties you would like to build.
  • If you have any questions or would like to schedule a title plant demonstration, contact us.

Title Plants in the Oil and Gas Industry

Kimmel Corp specializes in creating comprehensive digital databases that require no additional on-site research!

Rather than incur the ongoing cost and time delays of searching county records at the courthouse, many companies in the Oil & Gas industry are opting to scan the county records and create a searchable records database instead. This database has several different names: Digital Title Plant, Digital Abstract Plant, Virtual Courthouse, or Online Courthouse Records. All these terms are describing a digital, searchable database that contains all the records at a particular county recorder’s office.

But not all databases are created equal ...

The Oil & Gas industry demands a complete search of the county records. While several websites currently offer courthouse records online, they typically do not offer the full array of searching capabilities and document access necessary for Oil and Gas customers to complete their research. This is where Kimmel’s plant builds are unique: we specialize in creating comprehensive digital databases that require no additional on-site research!

Our digital title plant building service, posting service, and title plant software platform are the perfect combination for the needs of the Oil & Gas Industry. We can build a comprehensive, searchable database for any county of your choosing. Furthermore, we handle the software, training, hosting, publishing, and go-forward posting for your new county database as well.

Once your Digital Title Plant is created, it can be used exclusively by your company, or published to the internet to gain subscribers and added revenue.  Research on your digital plant can be completed from anyplace you have an internet connection ... and with the instantaneous search results of a computer automated title plant; county research can be completed in a fraction of the time.