Employee Accessing Online Documents


  • User Login Restrictions: Customize user privilege to set search access parameters for outside users.
  • Traceable Connection Reports: Detailed reports of all user sessions.
  • Communication: All communications are encrypted via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) using signed certificates.
  • Middleware: Outside users communicate with a middleware application rather than the actual database. Data and image requests are pushed to this middleware to provide yet another layer of security and load balancing.
  • Servers: The title plant software design incorporates clusters of Java J2EEE application servers positioned behind the aforementioned middleware.

Title Plant Publishing
and Subscriber Access

Leverage Your Plant in Today's E-Commerce Business Environment

Web-based architecture has built-in advantages for title plant publishing. It provides you with all the options you need to safely, securely offer plant access to the public or designated third parties. Kimmel Corp's managed title plant services take the guesswork out of setting up and running your online plant access. You choose the level of access you want and we help customize the software to your specifications. Some of our clients choose to publish only plat maps and CCRs, while others allow varying types and searching and printing. The choice is yours.


See some plants that have already been published with PropertySync.